Women’s Concerns

There shall be a Committee on Women’s Concerns which shall focus on the development, oversight, and monitoring of the many issues at Syracuse University which are central to the climate for women faculty members, administrators, staff members, and students. In particular, but not exclusively, the committee will concern itself with issues of curriculum, pay equity, affirmative action, sexual harassment, climate and advancement of women. ”

(From the BYLAWS OF THE SENATE OF SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, ARTICLE V. STANDING COMMITTEES, Section 20, as amended during the 2011-12 session of the University Senate.)

Women’s Concerns Report (Login Required)


Chancellor Kent Syverud
Ex Officio

Carmen Carrion Flores
The College of Arts and Sciences

Michele Combs
Special Collections Resource Center

Raina Soraia De Carvalho
Graduate Student

Myrna Garcia-Calderon
The College of Arts and Sciences

Elizabeth Green
University College

Sucheta Lahiri
Graduate Student

Laurel Morton (Co-Chair)

Diane Murphy
The David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics

Sweta Roy
Graduate Student Organization

Eileen Schell (Co-Chair)
The College of Arts and Sciences