For specific descriptions of each committee, please refer to the Bylaws.

For a searchable list of all committee members, please refer to the Members page.

Agenda Committee

  • Chair – Emily Stokes-Rees

Academic Affairs

  • Co-chairs – Matthew Huber and Lee McKnight

Academic Freedom, Tenure, and Professional Ethics

  • Chair – Thomas Keck

Administrative Operations

  • Co-chairs – Andrew Saluti and Dan Cutler

Appointment and Promotions

  • Chair – Osamah Khalil

Athletic Policy

  • Chair – Brad Horn

Budget and Fiscal Affairs

  • Co-chairs – Alan Middleton and Julie Hasenwinkel

Computing Services

  • Jeff Hemsley


  • Co-chairs – Steven Diaz and Carol Faulkner

Honorary Degrees

  • Chair – Kyle Miller


  • Chair – Heather Coleman

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Asexual (LGBTQA) Justice and Advocacy

  • Co-chairs – Jorge Castillo and Coran Klaver


  • Chair – Richard Rosa

Race, Ethnicity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Chair – James Duah-Agyeman


  • Chair – Duncan Brown

Services to the Faculty and Staff

  • Co-chairs – Kristi Johnson and Eric Kingson

Student Life

  • Co-chairs – Barbara Applebaum, Sharif Bey, and Joy Burton

Women’s Concerns

  • Co-chairs – Laurel Morton and Eileen Schell