Honorary Degree Titles

  • Doctor of Divinity – D.D.
    Chaplain, priest, scholar in some area of religious studies, etc.
  • Doctor of Fine Arts – D.F.A.
    Professional actor, artist, museum director, etc.
  • Doctor of Humane Letters – L.H.D.
    Academic in humanities, historian, professor of English, etc. Also a person who has contributed to general welfare, quality of life, etc.
  • Doctor of Laws – LL.D.
    Public servant, government official, business person who serves the community or country in a special way, judge, lawyer, environmentalist, president of a college, champion of human rights, etc.
  • Doctor of Letters – Litt.D.
    Professional author, poet, journalist, etc.
  • Doctor of Music – Mus.D.
    Conductor, composer, singer, etc.
  • Doctor of Science – Sc.D.
    Academic, scientist, science administrator, etc.