Academic Affairs

The Committee on Academic Affairs shall concern itself with the academic planning process of the University and with the consideration of academic priorities and organization. It shall advise and consult regularly with the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs on all matters it deems appropriate.”

(From the BYLAWS OF THE SENATE OF SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, ARTICLE V. STANDING COMMITTEES, Section 5, as amended during the 2011-12 session of the University Senate.)

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Chancellor Kent Syverud 
Ex Officio

Lori Brown (co-chair)
School of Architecture 

Andria Costello Staniec
The College of Engineering and Computer Science

Denise Heckman
The College of Visual and Performing Arts

Matthew Huber
The College of Arts and Sciences

Cathryn Newton (Co-Chair)
The College of Arts and Sciences

Margaret S. Thompson
The College of Arts and Sciences

Jamie Winders
Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs