Call for Nominations

Call for Honorary Degree Nominations by December 10, 2023.

The Syracuse University Senate Committee on Honorary Degrees invites nominations of candidates to receive honorary degrees at the 2024, 2025 and 2026 Commencement ceremonies.

  • Nominations are due December 10th, 2023.
  • Nominations should be submitted to Professor Michel Benaroch (, Chair of the Senate Committee on Honorary Degrees.
  • Nomination packets must include:
    1. the Honorary Degrees Nomination Form
    2. a statement explaining the basis for honoring the individual and referring to the selection criteria whenever possible
    3. vita (resume or a list of the candidate’s professional history and contributions)
    4. at least two letters of support that attest to the eminence of the candidate (if one of the support letters is not from the dean of the relevant school or college, the dean will be consulted to confirm they are aware of and concur with the nomination)

Supplemental materials may include, for example, information and writings that attest to the eminence of the candidate.

Note: please strive for brevity and limit the packet to eight pages, excluding the CV

  • Process:
    1. The Senate Committee on Honorary Degrees will review all nominations and recommend final candidates to the full Senate.
    2. The Senate will approve nominations and forwards them to the Chancellor.
    3. The Chancellor will invite candidates.

Only candidates who are able to come to Syracuse to receive an Honorary Degree may have such a degree conferred.

Note: Candidates who have been approved, but are unable to come to Syracuse, may be deferred for one (1) year. After that time, the candidates can be re-nominated.

The nomination form and more information are available online at