For descriptions of each committee, please refer to the Senate Bylaws.

For a searchable list of all committee members, please refer to the Membership page.

Academic Affairs
Co-chairs: Lori Brown and Cathryn Newton

Academic Freedom, Tenure, and Professional Ethics
Chair: Amy Kallander

Chair: Brice Nordquist

Appointment and Promotions
Co-chairs: Emily Stokes-Rees

Athletic Policy
Chair: Craig Tucker and Jodi Upton

Curriculum and Instruction 
Co-chairs: Thomas Barkley and Rick DiRubbo

Employee Services, Fiscal Affairs, and Operations 
Co-chairs: Leonid Kovalev and Doug Yung

Honorary Degrees

Intersectional Equity for Race, Ethnicity, Sexuality, Gender Identity and Disability
Co-chairs: PJ DiPietro and Suzette Melendez

Research and Creative Scholarship
Chair: Lisa Manning

Student Life
Chair: Jimmy Luckman