Administrative Operations

“There shall be a Committee on Administrative Operations. The Committee shall concern itself with the following matters: business and finance, such as accounting, purchasing, payroll, clerical, technical and hourly personnel; design and construction; parking; physical plant; food service; bookstore; public safety, and auxiliary enterprises. It shall advise and consult regularly with the appropriate administrators.”

(From the BYLAWS OF THE SENATE OF SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, ARTICLE V. STANDING COMMITTEES, Section 7, as amended during the 2011-12 session of the University Senate.)

Administrative Operations Reports (Login Required)


Chancellor Kent Syverud
Ex Officio

Craig Boise
College of Law

Dan Cutler (Co-Chair)
Learning Communities

Roberta Jones
Strategic Planning & Budget

Tina Nabatchi
The College of Arts and Sciences

Dara Royer
Marketing & Communications

Andrew Saluti (Co-Chair)
College of Visual and Performing Arts

Svetla Todorova
The College of Engineering and Computer Science

Joyce Zadzilka
The Martin J. Whitman School of Management

Jennifer Zuccaro
SU Libraries